Bananas (Musa Paradisiaca) grown in Peru are of first quality and free of pests, with production growing every year.

Consuming the potassium in bananas helps reduce the risks of high blood pressure, while vitamin B6 helps the body produce haemoglobin and keep blood glucose at normal levels.

It is ideal for a healthy diet and its high potassium content helps athletes to recover electrolytes and avoid cramps.


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Dried Banana Slices

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Banana Flour

Our bananas are planted and harvested in the departments of Amazonas, Junin, Piura, San Martin and Ucayali by our farmers where they are harvested by hand. The farmers get a fair income for their produce as well as training to ensure the best product at all times.

Our Banana Flour and Dried Bananas are available all year round.

Origin of our Banana