Andean Taste Superfoods

Dried Fruits

Discover the finest dried fruits at Andean Taste. As specialized supplier, we offer dehydrated Golbenderry, Banana, Mango, and Pineapple, perfect for your industry needs. Explore the freshness and versatility of our dried fruits to enrich your commercial offerings.


Our dehydrated goldenberry, with its sweet flavor and distinctive sour touch, is perfect as a healthy snack or to enhance the taste in baked goods and dried fruit mixes. Discover the versatility and quality of our dehydrated goldenberry. They are the perfect choice to enrich your commercial offerings with a distinctive and delicious touch


Our dehydrated banana slices and banana flour, with their natural sweetness intact, provide an exquisite addition to your food products. Ideal as ingredients for energy bars, and snacks, our dehydrated banana options are the perfect choice for your business, designed to enhance and differentiate your product line.


Our dehydrated mango, with its exquisite tropical flavor and smooth texture, provides an exceptional addition to your product range. Perfect for dried fruit blends or high-quality snacks, our dehydrated mango stands out for its versatility and quality, making it a smart choice to enhance your products and differentiate yourself in the market.


Our dehydrated pineapple slices, with their juicy flavor and succulent texture, add a delightful touch to your product line. Perfect for nutritious snacks or as a ingredient in baked goods, our dehydrated pineapple slices stand out for their quality and versatility, making them an ideal choice to enrich your commercial offerings.